Klodea’s Tondoquadro collection, stable and lightweight, is a study in volumetric design. The square shape provides a solid anchor point that makes it a practical and efficient solution for any home. 

The support structure, perfectly defined, envelops the hollow form in a circular embrace. The heart of the flat plate opens on the empty core, creating clean and soft lines. The Klodea innovation, in Tondoquadro lies in the juxtaposition of proportions: a combination of dissimilar forms that blends without losing their individuality.

Tondoquadro wall side view
Tondoquadro wall front view
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Tondoquadro is a welcoming collection, with an intensely homey feel. Intended for residential applications, these handles provide ample surface contact, for safe and sure grasping.

Rectangles and circles find their ideal balance in this range, which exalts the best qualities of both: the geometric regularity of the former and the [...]

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