The graphic skin is in line with the clean, linear design of Klodea products.
Neutral hues and minimalist colors provide clear indications for site navigation, letting the spotlight focus on the real stars of this stage: the Group’s collections and accessories. Their design unites form and content to elicit a sensation of optimal harmony and balance. Each product has its own list of specifications, which describes its characteristics, dimensions, materials and finishes, and the presentation is completed by an image in context, to illustrate the effect and the potential uses.
Every section can be accessed directly from the main menu, as can the pages containing the Group’s objectives and the bios of the designers and collaborators.
Style decisions that go hand in hand with solutions of high technical quality.
The Klodea.com website is totally responsive, designed to adapt seamlessly to every device on the market. Accessibility is thus ideal from a PC, tablet or smartphone, always delivering speed, simplicity and excellent resolution.
Because at Klodea, sensibility rules.