Klodea: the Italian touch

Our goal is to always work at the confluence of style and function. That’s why our products draw their inspiration from elemental movements and materials: in nature, even the purest beauty has its function and purpose, and just in the same way, in the objects made by Kardea, design is the key to functionality.

Our handles and décor objects are made to be user-friendly: their sleek yet simple style delivers a new and immediate user experience. To achieve this objective, Kardea acts like a full-fledged factory workshop. In fact, at Kardea, every item is followed from its initial conception and design all the way to the distribution phase, including the executive designs, the making of prototypes and the production of every collection.

The workspace is open to the imagination and sensitivity of our collaborators and the problem solving skills of our personnel. Kardea can thus offer its clients solutions that satisfy their needs and answer all their questions, because each job is handled in-house. This holistic approach rewards direct contact, allows fast and effective response and delivers results of excellent quality.

Your trust is our inspiration.