Klodea's project in Florida
Located on the beach in one of the most exclusive Florida Islands, this amazing getaway home was the scene for a new project by Klodea.

We worked closely with the owners to help them create a contemporary space that gives the room an elegant & bright atmosphere. The custom kitchen design has white, walnut and marble features, which we accented perfectly with our Polished Chrome finish. 

This kitchen utilizied several different pieces from our collection. For the large drawers of the island, we combined Moreorless Small used in pairs with Moreorless Medium to create a more interesting design. On the other side of the kitchen, we used the same combination of Small and Medium sizes but with our most popular collection Soie. Soie Large was also used in a vertical position on some of the larger cabinets. The upper cabinets are enriched with another piece from our collection, Oh Medium.