Three takes on one concept: the soft, irregular shape of a drop of water on a flat surface. The same sensation of fullness and balance is expressed in Klodea’s Ile collection, consisting of three separate items, which can be selected singly or in combination, to add continuity and flow to the interior décor. 

A solid form molded to provide maximum functionality and esthetic expression, anchored to the wall by a firm base. Delicacy and stability find their ideal enunciation in Ile, in the unusual forms that emerge from its foundation. Because at Klodea, experimentation is always guided by a concrete vision. Clear and uncompromising. 

Ile wall S
Ile wall M
Ile wall L
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The Ile Collection extols sinuous shapes. A slim laminate shapes these handles with a soft outline, whose design presents a new take on roundness. The mathematical purity of the curve meets creative invention. The outcome is a harmonious and unusual solid, surprising in its stylistic execution.

Available in three different sizes, this [...]

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